Someone wrote me a while ago, asking what my thought process was involving my decision to move to France.


As an answer, I have decided to re-blog an interview I gave to Black Expat Magazine a while ago:

Delorys was born, raised, educated and married to her husband of now 38 years in New York City. She has lived in several US cities (New York City, Westport, Connecticut, Saint Louis, Missouri, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Princeton, New Jersey) and in France. Delorys and her husband have been living in the South of France for over a decade after having spent 17 years dividing her time between France and the United States with the intention of eventually moving abroad.



What do you remember of your first trip abroad?

My first trip abroad was the summer before my junior year in college. I travelled in France, Switzerland, Germany and England. Back then (and I’m not going to be specific about the date) airline tickets for student travellers was dirt cheap…so were the Eurail passes. I had a blast! I met other students from all over Europe. People invited me to their homes, so I was able to see a lot of life in other countries. I was surprised also, how things in Western cultures could look so similar on the surface but be so dramatically different when you “walked through the door”… so to speak. But I had a wonderful time and in the meantime fell in love with France.

 delorys cropped-author-cover-gingersnaps2

At what point did you become aware that you wanted to live abroad and be an Expat? First let me say that I am not comfortable with the “Expat”. I just don’t like the prefix.  Nevertheless I do use the word I coined, “Blaxpat”, to describe my current lifestyle.  Anyway, realizing through subsequent travel that there was a huge, friendly world out there, and that as an American, coming from a country with so many allies, I had the privilege to be able to travel almost anywhere in the world and be welcomed. As a black American, I enjoyed the feeling of being identified culturally and nationally as an American as well as being Black. When I discovered, life in The South of France, I knew that I wanted to find a way of living here one day. I never really thought of living in a foreign country until my first visit to Nice, France, in my thirties.

 Delorys Saint jean 1a

What experience has enlightened you the most since you moved abroad?

That learning a new language fluently, not only enhances your ability to communicate more precisely in your native language, but in others as well… as you learn them… through travel and social interaction. I am fluent in French. I cannot imagine living in a country without speaking the language. I would have to find a way to learn the language somehow if I already didn’t know it. Most countries in the West at least, have some form of literacy program.


 … And the most disheartening experience so far?

The demise of the American dollar!


 Have you adopted any new customs whilst living in France?

You know, I honestly can’t tell anymore. Celebrating Bastille Day, perhaps?


We know that you moved to France with your husband, did you have any children that came with you and if so how have they adapted to the expat life?

We don’t have children. But I’ve realized that if I had children, I doubt that I would want to raise them outside of the US, unless my husband was a citizen of the country where we lived. I would have no problem having them attend school abroad, after a certain age, but I feel that It is always easier to adjust to other cultures when you are firmly grounded in who you are. Family connections are important. Also as a black American, I feel it would be important for them to understand the unique history of our particular tribe of people in the US, and how it is juxtaposed with the rest of the world.

 Delorys and Allan

Do you miss any customs from home?


I certainly don’t miss Thanksgiving, especially as a black American with Native American heritage. Otherwise, things aren’t all that different here in France. But then, it probably seems that way to me because in addition to having been raised in a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural environment, I have always lived in Cosmopolitan communities whether it be Connecticut, Missouri or the other places we’ve lived.

How have you gone about making friends?

My social connections come through my work in the arts, as I am both a painter and author.

Delorys 1

Have you (continued…)



Despite the roster of jazz festivals, art gallery openings, equestrian events and increasing number of high-end restaurants and nightclub; Monaco appears to have acquired  a decidedly prolitarian ambiance.

Is this a good thing?

I have absolutely no idea.

But the show at the MARLBOROUGH was impressive.

Fernando BOTERO

Richard ESTES


27 juin – 6 septembre 2013



The same evening:


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an excerpt from GINGERSNAPS: a novel

excerpt from GINGERSNAPS: a Novel


Chapter One

And the nominees are. . .

Aletha leaned back and slowly rotated her head, feigning a stiff neck, at the same time sliding her eyes–heavily lashed for the occasion–discreetly about

the huge auditorium. It was a controlled and practiced act of self-conscious discretion, as she did not want to appear so wide-eyed and childishly star struck, especially after all these years.

Famous and infamous faces were everywhere!

Elegantly and not-so-elegantly clad in other famous people’s haute couture, these show business folks were trying to mask their quite natural and inborn lust for public accolades with bogus airs of insouciance.

It’s all pretty political, you know . . . doesn’t mean a thing, most of them had said at one time or another . . . usually after having lost, Aletha thought, smirking to herself.

Aletha returned her gaze to the stage. She looked up at the podium with rapt attention, her large, black eyes swiftly frisking the two celebrities. One of them was about to announce her name, along with the others on the list of the very best of the season.

The long, dark, tall one–a veteran of the industry–with what looked like silver dust elegantly sprinkled around his temples, clad in a fabulous-looking Brioni tuxedo, used to star in her teenage erotic fantasies. Now there he was in person, about to acknowledge her–from those full, plum-colored, juicy lips, acknowledge her as one of the contenders.

The female co presenter, a dowager queen of a daytime soap opera, was wearing an inadequate little frock. It looked like something that Bill Blass might have sketched during his off-hours. The recent face-lift was a bit too obvious as well–girlfriend was looking a little Chinese tonight, Aletha mused, giggling.

“What are you laughing about, Aletha?” her escort asked, lightly touching the hand which had been resting on her lap.”

Shhh . . . Reggie,” she snapped, placing the index finger of one hand over her lips and slapping his hand away with the other.

Even though she was one of the famous ones too, she still found herself on those occasions pinching the tight flesh of her forearm from time to time in order to confirm the reality of her situation.”

The Veronica Stone Show, Bob Dennison and Kathy Myerson, producers”,

A large wad of mucous had knotted up in Aletha’s throat. She wanted to cough but had to seize control; only hours ago she had slithered into a too-tight Azzadine Alaia number, and she had no intention of bursting out of it for all of America to witness. The gossip columnists would have a field day . . . but then, they probably already were. They always managed to come up with something . . . even in a vacuum. She had to remind herself, though, that those same vultures were the very people who had helped make her who she was–rich, famous, powerful, and a more familiar presence in most homes than Lemon Fresh Joy.

“ . . . The Dabney Wilkin’;s Show . . . Maxine Tyler, producer.” Ms. Dowager Queen continued.

Reggie, her friend and lover for over five years, reached over and reassuringly held her hand. Aletha gently removed her hand from his, placed it on his cheek, and adoringly stroked the smooth, tan flesh.

He jerked his head away from her in response.

Aletha’ss brow furrowed for a moment, and she pursed her lips as she was about to register her displeasure with Reggie. She was hurt and annoyed that he had pulled his body away from her, but she had a much more  important issue to think about at that moment.

“. . . and The Aletha Brown Show . . . Veronica McPherson, producer . . . “ Juicy Plum Lips added.


Aletha glanced quickly around the auditorium to see who was looking at her–with envy, she was sure–then her eyes locked with Geraldo’s.

He winked.

She looked away from him, her chin raised to a point just below smug, and she relished the fact that he was not among the list of nominees for the first time in who knew how many years, and she was.

Of course, he had won the damned thing zillions of times and she had yet to get the award, despite being nominated five damned times in a row. She had no doubts that this year would be the year of The Aletha Brown Show.

She looked over at her producer, Veronica, sitting next to her escort, Derrick, whose arm was supportively draped around her shoulders.

Aletha grabbed Reggie’s arm, then awkwardly and comically ducked her head beneath it and placed it around her shoulders.

It was a far cry better than cheek rubbing.

Aletha slipped her stockinged feet back into her Charles Jordan pumps as she positioned herself to get up to accept her award–the acceptance speech was readying itself in her brain.

”The envelope, please.”

At that instant, something Aletha couldn’t see caused the Soap Star to stumble to the floor. The envelope then flew from her hand and landed across the stage. Juicy Plum Lips went over to help the actress up, and then he had to walk a mile and a half–or so it seemed to Aletha–to recover the envelope.

“Damn! What’s wrong with the old broad anyway? What’s she got? Some kind of joint disease in the old knees or something? Some people just don’t know when to step down! She should just retire. Look at her!”

“Aletha, calm down!” Reggie commanded.”

And the winner is . . .” Juicy Plum Lips began as Aletha leaned the heel of her hand into Reggie’s thigh as a support to get up, negotiating as elegantly as she could around her constricting gown.

“Ouch! Aletha, be careful! What are you doing?” Reggie whispered, grabbing her hand and trying to ease her back into her seat.

“. . . The Victoria Stone Show!!!”

Thunderous applause and Aletha’s own anger exploded in her head. That nitwit hussy Victoria Stone, with all those fist-fighting guests, had won the statue, Aletha raged to herself.

Tears threatened to leap from her eyes.

She glanced over at Reggie, who had a look of alarm on his face as he noticed that hers was now fixed in a contorted portrait of outraged disbelief.

“Are you okay, Aletha?” he whispered, taking her hand in his and raising it to his lips to kiss it. She snatched her hand away.


She couldn’t believe it! Her fifth loss in five years. She didn’t care how many people said that it was all purely political. It didn’t matter that she was as rich as milk chocolate, or that she had a gorgeous man who loved her–Althea Brown wanted that statue!

“The Victoria Brown Show my ass,!”; Aletha hissed, loud enough for her producer and a couple of others to hear.

“Who in the hell is she sleeping with?”

“Shhh! Aletha, look . . . you know you are fabulous. You’re still in prime time, baby!” Reggie soothed.

If he couldn’t massage her damaged ego by the end of the ceremony he knew he’d have one big, high-drama, angst-filled evening–perhaps week–even month–ahead of him.

“Look, your show has a lot more integrity than that Victoria Stone’s, honey,” Reggie lied, trying to pacify her.

“You’ve got that right, Reg.”

She looked around and caught Geraldo’s eye.

He winked, again.

She turned away, sucked her teeth, and crossed her legs. Her right foot hit the seat in front of her, breaking the heel of her expensive Charles Jordans.

“Damn! Look what you’ve made me do, Reggie!” she hissed, needing at that moment to blame the person closest to her for anything and everything.

Reggie knew it was going to be a long night.

His eyes fell on her beautiful breasts, which were swelling with indignation. At that instant he smiled to himself, thinking that just maybe when they got back to her place he’d tear that tantalizingly tight gown from her body and mollify her with some ardent and libidinous gymnastics.

An Excerpt from LADYFINGERS: a novel

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Another excerpt from Madame Authuretta Bozelle’s Guide to Manners Deportment and Proper Behavior:

Mating Rituals

 An Affair is Not the same as a one-night stand.  An Affair involves two people who are attracted to one another in more ways than the physical, although it naturally begins with at least a spark of desire.  An affair empasses a period of time in which two people get to know one another.  Romance is essential, meaning that one shares intimate conversation, flattery, engages in mutual interests and that both persons , for the time, are sincerely interested int the humanity of the other.

There are unfortunate times when one or both parties involved in an Affair is married.  Neverthelss, the same rules apply.  If they cannot be followed with the dignity and respect required between human beings, it is perferable to not embark on the affair at all.

NEVER…EVER let any person treat you in a manner which in some circles is referred to as ‘booty call!’

Hear this, young people?



Well-Known French Proverbs

On n’apprend pas aux vieux singes à faire des grimaces.This is literally translated as “You cannot teach old monkeys to make faces.”

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  • Rien ne sert de courir, il faut partir à point. Translating this word-for-word works out to “There’s no sense in running; you just have to leave on time.
  • (google image)

show up on time

  • On ne change pas une équipe qui gagne. This French phrase is literally translated as “One does not change a winning team.”

(google image)

winning team

  • Il n’y a pas de fumée sans feu. The literal translation “There isn’t smoke without fire.

(google image)

  • Fire

       Vaut mieux prévenir que guérir. This famous saying in French can be translated as “It is better to prevent than to heal.”

(google image)


Autres temps, autres mœurs. This translates to “Other times, other values.”

(google image)


  • Un malheur ne vient jamais seul. The translation of this one is “Misfortune never arrives alone.”
  • (google image)
  • hurricane
  • Vouloir, c’est pouvoir. Translates as “To want is to be able,”  Perhaps another way of saying “where there’s a will there is a way.
  • (google image)
  • where-there-is-a-will-there-is-a-way
  • Il faut réfléchir avant d’agir. Literally translated as “One must reflect before acting,”   possibly the the English equivalent of “Look before you leap.”

(google image)

  • alimony
  • Si jeunesse savait, si vieillesse pouvait. This translates directly as “If youth only knew;
  • (google image)
  • youth
  • if old age only could.”

(google image)

  • youth
  • which is similar to the English proverb “Youth is wasted on the young.”

End of French lesson number 1!

Kids 5a

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Meet the Ladies from LADYFINGERS: a novel

Madame Arthuretta Bozell is the owner of a discreet lifestyle makeover service called Ladyfingers. Needless to say, in today’s world, this business has made her fabulously wealthy.

Meet some of her clients:

Amelia Jackson: The internationally famous Pop Diva, who after ending her tumultuous romance with the record mogul, Paxton Cummings, begins a new life on the French Riviera. She becomes embroiled in a passionate affair with her handsome, but mysterious, and much younger Belgian lover.

The Heiress Leslie Vanderhoven:the sole scion of a media dynasty, who has fled her fireman lover for a new life and romance with her East Somarian Sheik in France.

The Countess Sara Haggener: After spending 5 years in the state prison, simply because she had the wrong boyfriend, is finally able to begin life anew.

The Baroness Kitty Von Denmarke: An untimely injury has forced her to end her career as a ballet dancer for the Los Angeles Ballet Company. To make matters worse, a series of humiliating occurrences compel her to flee the country.

Lolly DaLilla, the celebrated Queen of the Las Vegas Strip, has finally landed the man of  his dreams…the billionaire shipping magnate, Janus Daropopolis;

and finally…bearing whitness to it all, is ex-Psychiatric Social worker andauthor of a best selling self help book, Dr. Desiree Brown Simon!

With such flamboyant personage populating the French Riviera, it is no wonder that a group of East Somarian kidnappers emerge to lay in wait, for the right moment to take hostages for the political and financial demands of their anti-Sanction Society.

Ladyfingers gives new meaning to American foreign relations, during the new millenium Administration of George W. Bush.

(Available in Hardcover and Trade Paperback)

By the way, Ladyfingers is the sequel to Delorys Welch-Tyson’s bestselling novel Gingersnaps!

the author, Delorys Welch Tyson

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An Excerpt From LADYFINGERS:a novel

Muriel McCracken had left everyone and everything behind.


Well, not everyone.

She had every intention of waiting for Eddie to get out of the Penn. But she left her family, her country, her brand new Cadillac (Madame Bozell had told her that her car would be too large for the narrow roads of Europe) and the Condo she had bought in Beverly Hills after she received her Publisher’s Clearing House money.

She had hired Madame Arthuretta Bozell and her Ladyfingers lifestyle make over service to teach her the things she needed to know as a lady of extraordinary means.

She took with her to France, a brand new look, her decorator-magazine subscriptions, some new manners…thanks to  Madam Bozell’s Guide to Elegant and Proper Behavior and Presentation, a big fat book called a thesaurus,

(google image)

nearly 20 million dollars…less Eddie’s legal fees…and a brand new name.

She had decided she’d become a socialite, while she waited for Eddie’s release. Muriel decided to rename herself as Countess Sara Haggener…in memory of her beloved Grandmother, Sarah Mae Haggener.

She bought herself a brand new Mercedes, convertible sports car as soon as she arrived in France and christened it with the name “Sadie”. She and Sadie conversed quite often together, since she had known no one else in all of Europe to talk to.

She wrote Eddie often. He loved reading about her new life and he had told her that he was looking forward to meeting her friend “Sadie”.

Eddie, too, had always liked those Mercedes sports cars.

(google image)

As soon as she arrived in the South of France, she had checked into the Negresco Hotel in Nice. Madame Bozell had recommended it, telling her that many famous people stayed there.

When she arrived to check in, she had burst out laughing. It looked exactly like the birthday cake that Eddie had ordered for her for her 40th birthday, over ten years ago.

(google image)

But the hotel had been a wonderful place to start a new life. Oodles of celebrity-types passed through on their vacations and it was just across the street from the beach. It wasn’t the best beach in the world, because it was full of rocks and no sand…but it was different. On the private part of the beach, they had those mattresses and umbrellas…uhm…parasols…you could rent and have cute beach boys serve you food and drinks and things.

Just the kind of treatment a Countess was looking for.

Muriel…uh…Countess Haggener…created a story for the people she would undoubtedly soon be meeting.

(google image)

Since she was from Atlanta…well…from near Atlanta…and still had her southern accent, she would tell people that she was from a rich, old, Southern family. She would claim to be a member of the D.A.R…the Daughters of the American Revolution…that she had read about in one her high society magazines.

She would tell them that she had been married to an English Count.

Since Madame Bozell had hired those people who taught Muriel how to sail (since she had heard that rich people did this sort of thing), she would say that her husband died tragically 10 years ago in a boating accident near Newport Road Island.

She had read about Newport, in one of those lifestyle magazines that Madame Bozell had told her to buy.

Countess Haggener decided that she should start looking for a house…a villa, they call it in France…for herself and Eddie.

(google image)

She made an appointment with a real estate broker in St. Jean Cap Ferrat, as Arthuretta Bozell had suggested, to explore the possibilities.

_ _ _ _

On the morning of her appointment with her Real Estate broker, she decided to take a stroll around the neighborhood near her hotel and in the Old Town…la vi-eille ville…la vieille ville of Nice, to acquaint herself with her new surroundings.

(google image)

The pedestrian street…the rue Pi-e-tonne…la rue Pietonne, was lined with cafes and fancy designer dress shops mixed in with discount boutiques.


Many of the people in the outdoor restaurants sat eating what looked like


(google image)


She had studied the travel magazines that Madame Bozell had told her to buy. So when she arrived at the big plaza area off the boulevard Jean Medecin, she stood there with her mouth open. It looked more like the pictures she saw of Italian cities than what she’d expect from a French one.

(google image)


When she descended the steps of la Vieille Ville, she almost bolted back to her hotel.

A teeming mass of foreigners assaulted her view. All those old, narrow streets, mixed in with newly paved ones. The stores were lined up next to each other looking more like those pictures of cities she saw in the magazines of North Africa. Fancy French restaurants mixed in with small foreign cafes selling some kind of meat…vertically…rotating on a spit. An then there were those weird-looking pancakes…all broken up…people eating them with black


As she continued walking, gradually picking up speed, she had begun to wonder how she looked to others walking among this mass of people, as she noticed that the sound of American voices rose above all the others.

She scrutinized those she recognized as Americans.

To her, they looked like pale, gawdy, trinkets in a…in a…Middle Eastern schlock shop as Eddie would probably say.

(google image)

When she arrived at the plaza called, Place Garibaldi, she looked around at all the cafes linked together there around the traffic circle and gasped!

Crawddays everywhere!!!

Little old matrons in little fur jackets…eating Crawdaddys! Roughed up looking people eating Crawdaddys! Back packers eating Crawdaddys! Even small dogs eating Crawdaddys!

(google image)

What kind of a place was this?

She didn’t feel that this was at all the kind of place for a Countess to live.

She leaned against the traffic light post next to her, to look at her map and get her bearings. She would take another route back to her hotel. She needed to breathe. She had begun to feel suffocated by it all.

She would take the route back along the beach.

_ _ _

Available in Hardcover, Trade Paperback and Kindle!


(the author: photo by Allan Tyson)